Eye Care

Peace of mind

At Eyeworks we take eye care very seriously, which is why our optometrists take the time to carry out thorough eye examinations.

What to expect at your eye test appointment

Firstly, if you wear contact lenses or glasses, please arrive wearing them so we can check your vision with your current eyewear. We will gather some details about your general health and record information about your profession, for example, whether you use a computer often or if you work outside, in air-conditioned buildings or elsewhere.

We will then carry out a thorough eye examination to assess the front and back of your eyes, and conduct pressure tests for glaucoma, visual field tests and additional tests dependent on your age and any changes we find. We also offer special testing for children’s vision.

When we have finished your eye test, we’ll advise you on your new prescription and, if you need new glasses or contact lenses, we’ll hand you over to our friendly dispensing opticians who will help you choose the most suitable frames, lenses or contact lens scheme.

“Professionalism - Extremely Good, Knowledge - Extremely Good, Friendliness - Extremely Good, Approach to children - Extremely Good, Reception Desk Service - Extremely Good.” Sara Bradley