Special Services

The health of your eyes is at the forefront of everything we do. Our in-house team are highly qualified, clinical optometrists with the training and experience to spot, and prevent, any potential problems with your eyes.

We offer special eye tests for children to check for colour vision, dyslexia, binocular focusing, lazy eye and squints. Our opticians are great with kids and will look after them, making the experience as enjoyable as possible.

We also provide comprehensive screening for glaucoma and diabetes, with thorough examinations designed to look at the front and back of the eye, with visual field tests and pressure tests. We offer retinal photography as an extra option too. This helps with early diagnoses of certain eye conditions e.g. macular degeneration.

Please contact our friendly team to make an appointment today.

“Very friendly and it is nice to see the same faces over years and not months.” Miss S Prickett